at the Rayleigh Conservative Club

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 To help this restricted situation we opened THE LOCK-DOWN INN  - a virtual Club that you pop-in any time to see what is available to help enhance your time.

Whilst this operated last year during the long period  - it was not updated once we returned but as it looks like a long haul again we will add things from time to time.

 However it does take up time and so contributions from members are welcomed - suggestions, quizzes, crosswords, links etc. - even words of encouragement!!

I’ve started off with an introduction to Google Maps in 3 pages. The first 2 were previously issued but I’ve modified a little and #3 is really to encourage you to do some virtual sightseeing/travelling and usefully utilize your time whilst expanding your knowledge.

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Our Club is currently closeddue to Covid restrictions - reopening

May 17.