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We are confident that we have created and provided a safe environment for members and staff to enjoy our facilities once again. However we ask you to be responsible and accept that times have changed and as such we must all accept new disciplines.

Customer numbers will obviously be restricted in order to maintain social distancing whilst sitting and/or ordering at the bar is no longer allowed. Instead we will provide table service with tab facility such that payment need only be made on leaving preferably via credit/debit cards. We have hand sanitisers available on entry and at toilet entrances/exits whilst all internal doors will remain in the open position. Toilets will be restricted to one person at a time due to our in/out restraints whilst all automatic taps will alleviate the need for manual operation. Air conditioning will be operational whilst windows will provide fresh air circulation.

Gaming machines will be available as we have provided screens for social separation with hand sanitisers/wipes provided for use here too.

Our courtyard is open for sun worshippers and fresh air –again table service is provided.


Due to social distancing we regret that the club is open to

members only.

Regretfully no spouses/partners, guests or  inter-affiliated members.

Post Lockdown Hours of Opening

Monday - Closed

Tuesday        - 12:00-15:00

Wednesday   - 12:00-20:00

Thursday      - 12:00-15:00

Friday      -12:00-15:00 17:00-21:00

Saturday - 12:00-15:00 17:00-21:00

 Sunday       - 12:00-16:00

We will provide a daily special and a limited menu on weekdays Please book with the administrator to secure a table.

Click here for daily special

The above are our current hours of opening which will be subject to change as the need arises.

Play Bingo  

on Weds  @ 2:15 pm -why not join us for lunch and have a chance of a free game!