An Ode to our Kitchen

Our kitchen is a well equipped room

With fryers, cookers and a Bain Marie

So please come and treat yourself

For lunch, perhaps a sandwich with a cup of coffee

But did you know our menu

Is very tasty almost Divine

So choose our food from large or small

And wash it down with a glass of wine

Cynthia and all the girls

Work hard to provide your lunch

You can meet the friendly kitchen girls

They are a happy go lucky bunch

The menu has been simplified

So the kitchen can still operate

But if you fancied something else

I’m sure they will try and accommodate

The Club kitchen needs to keep running

But if numbers still decline

It will be a struggle to keep it open

And we will have to take down the sign

So take advantage of the reasonable prices

And use your club for your lunchtime treat

We welcome you to dine in peace

And have a chat with the people you meet

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