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Ford And The American Dream

(52 min)

The American Road’ -History of the Ford Motor Company

(38 Mins)


(59 Mins)

 New Holland Basildon Factory Tour (23.5 Mins)




Building of the B24 Bomber in WWll

(33.5 Mins)

Information -WWll - UK

At Dagenham over 13000 tracked Universal carriers, 185,000 vans & trucks  & 250,000+ V8 engines were produced for the war effort whilst continuing to build tractors for food production.From 1939 to 1945 143,351 model N tractors rolled off the production line.

F150 Factory Tour | How Ford Builds An F-150 Every 53 Seconds - The Haul

WWll - USA

THE FORD OF CANADA Universal, or 'Bren Gun' Carrier, was manufactured throughout the war to the tune of some 28,988, in Windsor, Ontario. It was an adaptation of the British Universal, which itself was derived from the earlier Carden-Lloyd carrier.

American Bantam designed the initial jeep, but Willys-Overland and Ford won the Army's production contracts and subsequently designed their own versions. Ford's first 4,458 GP vehicles used a modified Ford tractor engine producing 42 horsepower. But the Army insisted that Ford build identical copies of the 60-horsepower Willys design, so that all jeeps had fully interchangeable parts regardless of manufacturer. Over 270,000 were built by Ford

The Ford GPA amphibious version of  the ‘Jeep’ was built at the River Rouge plant in USA. They built 12,781 amphibious jeeps from 1942 to 1943. It shared many parts with the GP but had a longer wheelbase.

Between June 1942 – September 1943 1690 M4A3 (Sherman) tanks were produced in the Highland Park plant powered by the Ford GAA V8 gasoline engine.

1932 The Invention of the Ford V8 Engine. (63 mins)

The Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine

(28 Mins)