Windows 10: Windows Key Shortcuts

Here is a list of Windows keyboard shortcuts updated for Windows 10. Some will only work on Windows 10, others will work on almost any version of Windows. The shortcuts are written with a plus sign to indicate you have to press the Windows Key PLUS another key, for instance Windows Key+A means press and hold down the Windows Key and press the A key. Got it? OK great!

Windows Key       Opens the Start Menu.

Windows Key+ A  Opens the Action Centre.

Windows Key+ B  Highlights the Notification                 Area  (System tray) of the taskbar.

Windows Key+ C   Opens Cortana in listening                           mode.

Windows Key+ D   Minimizes all open applications and  shows the desktop.

Windows Key+ E   Opens File Explorer                           (Windows  Explorer).

Windows Key+ G   Opens the Games Bar.

Windows Key+ H Opens the dictation mode.

Windows Key+ I    Opens Settings.

Windows Key+ K   Open the Connect pane                         to connect to wireless                         displays and audio devices.

Windows Key+ L   Locks your device and                            shows the  lock screen.

Windows Key+ M Minimizes all open                  windows and shows the desktop.

Windows Key+ O  Locks device screen                     orientation (mainly for tablets                     and smartphones).

Windows Key+ P      Opens Projector to search for and             connect to external displays and projectors.

Windows Key+ Q     Opens Cortana or search

Windows Key+ R     Opens the Run dialog.

Windows Key+ S     Opens Cortana / Search .                             Cortana is not available everywhere.

Windows Key+ T   Cycles through the apps on the taskbar.

Windows Key+ U   Opens the Ease of Access Centre.

Windows Key+ V   Cycles through notifications.

Windows Key+ X               Opens the advanced menu. (The same as right-clicking the Windows 10 Start button.)

Windows Key+                  Enter Opens Narrator.

Windows Key+ Tab            Opens task view.

Windows Key+ Plus sign     Zoom in

Windows Key + Minus sign  Zoom out

Windows Key+ ESC            Close Magnifier

Windows Key+ Left Arrow   Docks the window in focus (the window on top) to the left side of the screen.

Windows Key+ Right Arrow  Docks the window in focus to the right side of the screen.

Windows Key+ Up Arrow      Docks the window in focus to the top of the screen.

Windows Key+ Down Arrow   Docks the window in focus to the bottom of the screen.

Windows Key+ Home             Minimizes all non active windows and restores them when you press this key combination again.

Windows Key+ Prnt Scrn  Takes a picture of the screen and saves it to the Computer –> Pictures –> Screenshots folder.

 (List courtesy of CloudEight Internet)

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