Following our theme of Saxon battles we start our journey locally looking at a statue in the Promenade Park

Q 1 Who is the figure in the statue?

Q 2 What is the prayer around the base?

In the 17thC a library was started here to house over 8000 books and pamphlets.

Q 3 Who started it?

Q4 What is the town’s only standing Scheduled Ancient Monument?

In the last Treasure Hunt you were researching a Canvey resident who had a dedicated granite memorial to him at the Bay Museum –

Q 5   What was that Operation name?

Q 6  The only surviving Mk11 canoe is in this town – what is its name?  

Q 7 Which resident has connections with Rayleigh and won the Nobel Prize in 1904?

World famous culinary pyramid shaped crystals created here were granted a Royal Warrant -

Q 8  In which Year?

Maldon is also well known for its annual charity ‘race’ with 300 entrants

Q 9   In the official 2016 Gallery what is written on the headband of a contestant?

Q 10 Maldon is also known for its Taxi Day – when & where was the idea created?

Q 11  In Operation Dynamo thirty barges were part of the fleet of 'Little Ships' that rescued soldiers. What is the oldest currently ‘active‘barge that took place in this and its name?

In 1721 a renowned local character was born and died 29 years later.

Q 12  What weight did he carry?

The Railway came to Maldon in 1848 as a double track from Maldon to Witham

Q 13  When did it get changed to a single line?

The Maldon to Woodham Ferris line (later Woodham Ferrers) opened in 1889/90 with a station not far from Woodham Ferrers

Q 14  What was its name?

Maldon District Council Emergency Centre is located in Promenade Park, Maldon. And is located in a  small brick building, purpose built in 1982. It is an underground bunker –

Q 15  When was it taken out of use?

Upstream from the Causeway lies Beeleigh Abbey and the site of Beeleigh Mill. The former was founded in 1180 but in 1536 it was closed and partly demolished and sold to a person who was beheaded in Tower Hill.

Q 16  What was his name?

Beeleigh Water Mill was burned down in 1875 and not rebuilt but replaced by a steam mill for grinding corn.  In 1929 Langford Pumping Station was opened to provide 7 million gallons of drinking water daily to Southend from just 2 steam powered pumps. A third was installed in 1931 and is the only survivor since steam was replaced by electric power in 1963. Producing 350HP @ 32RPM these were really powerful beasts!

Q 17  What is the name of this magnificent engine – the pride of the museum?

An agricultural engineer and local farmer made a significant contribution to farming and engineering gaining it three first prizes at the Royal Agricultural Society’s show in Warwick in 1859.

Q 18  What was the family name?

All Saints church has a unique feature –a triangular tower. It is also the resting place of the Rector of Purleigh

Q 19 What is the connection to the Memorial window?

The Chelmer & Blackwater Canal goes from here to Heybridge Basin. There are reputedly 150-200 boats moored here but berthing is still possible.

Q 20 For a 15-20m boat what would be the mooring charges for 3 nights?