Clues, navigational instructions and information are shown in blue italics.

You will need to use Google Maps and street view, Wikipedia, and Internet Search.

1. Which village in Suffolk has a splash?     

     -view the village in Google Maps

2. When was the old pulpit and pews removed from the church?

3.  When was the oldest bell cast?

4. In Church Hill opposite the church is Primrose Cottage - a holiday rental, - what is unusual about the sign outside?

5. In the village there is a cottage which has bedrooms named after TV programmes – it’s name?

6. In which year was the pub built?

On Google Maps follow this tributary of the River Brett to the east till it crosses the A1141 and joins the main stream. Follow this south till it crosses the B1070 and turns SE parallel to the High Street.  On Maps select image size 50m and click on the wine glass Kings Head image. Here you can see details related to the business and see reviews/ratings and if you click on photos you can see the lovely looking food!!

 OK, now for Street View! Set the pegman at just below the roundabout near the Kings Head you’ll see it was lobster week!  

7. What was the attraction at the Kings Head in Sep 2011!     (- use the timeline!)

8. Which King of the Danes, is said to be buried in the grounds of the Church?

This church contains Suffolk's oldest inscribed bell.

9. When was it cast?

10. How many listed buildings are there in the town?

Follow the river southwards till it reaches the River Stour, the Suffolk /Essex boundary. Here we have another St Mary’s church which has quite a squat bell tower!

11. When was it built?

12. What does the tenor bell weigh?

Treasure Hunt #1

Whilst we normally frown on the use of the internet for quiz solving, this quiz is created to encourage you to use it. It is a somewhat unusual treasure hunt because instead of driving we will do a virtual journey, not necessarily by road but via various map features.

 It is not a race or competition, so do allow time to enjoy pictures and information of the places whilst solving clues. I will supply answers and some clues as to my sources at a later date.

Since we will be navigating via Google Maps and not Ordnance Survey we need to be confident in the many features thereof. So I have created a short guide to enable you to brush up or learn new skills which are always useful. I recommend you read/test that first but you obviously can refer to it at any time. (Only Question 7 in my quiz requires the use of street view in the Google maps)

I have started with some of the prettiest villages which were also used during filming of Lovejoy and, as a theme, churches which have St Mary as their patron. Your journey will take you through Constable Country –the Vale of Dedham.  Enjoy

Follow the River Stour till it crosses the A12.

13. What was this ‘elegant riverside venue’ previously called in 1875?

Continue following the river as it crosses the B1029 just north of Dedham

14. Castle House was the home of a famous equine painter – what was the name of the regal horse he painted?

We continue to follow the river till we reach a place made famous by John Constable –Flatford Mill, which his family owned for over 100 years though only one of the many local places he painted.

15. What was made at Flatford Mill and what was it called?

Just north of here is the village of East Bergholt and another St Mary’s church. This one however has a very unique and ‘appealing’ feature.

16. In what year was this feature completed?

Returning to the River Stour and continuing to Cattawade in Suffolk & Manningtree in Essex (south side) continuing east and we reach some strange towers.

 17. Who was commissioned to build them?

Continuing on this time using roads we are travelling east on the A120 towards Harwich, (the other way would take us through Marks Tey, Coggeshall etc. till it meets the A10 south of Puckeridge). We will travel along the B1352 till you reach Bradfield then turning south along The Street and then left into Wix Road to take a left towards another St Mary's church which is red brick built.

18. What was nearly stolen in 1975?

From here make you way back to the B1352 but avoiding going back to Bradfield and continue east till you meet Wheatsheaf Lane on your left which you will take . Your map scale needs to be about 100m or less and you will reach Church Road. Yes you’ve guessed it another church but not St Mary’s!  This one is All Saints and Lo & Behold – another Bell Cage!! I don’t think there are any others anywhere but you could prove me wrong!

19. How many years ago was the church built?

20. Who was the largest enterprise and main employer at this village?

And for a bonus who built Julie’s House (or A House for Essex) not far away – then look at the photos!