The trip today starts at the borders of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk & Essex, my area! The nearest town to this confluence of borders is your starting point!

1: Agricultural workers wore an usually named garment in the mid to late 19th C – what was its name and who made it?

2: This garment has been honoured in a name of a local hostelry – who owns it?

3: Who set up an egg collection scheme in East Anglia from Blunt’s Hall?

4: A spouse of a Tudor King lived here- who was she?

Follow the A143 going South East till we join the A1017 and continue reach Baythorne End where the A1092 crosses the River Stour. This is really where the river/border dividing line starts. Continue on the A1092 to the next village.

5: The last Dean at the scholarly establishment here was ‘Nosy’, what was his later role in the church?

Continue on the A1092 to the next place which is a medieval wool town as can be realised from the elaborate church of St Peter & St Paul. Nearby is an ‘old’ house with some beautiful pargeting. ‘Enter’ it to discover it’s local history.

6: Who held the wand of office?

Our journey shadowing the border carries on till we then reach a well known picturesque village. Again wealth from the wool trade is evident in the lovely church dating to 1300. The North wall displays a beautiful 16th century Flemish reredos depicting the Crucifixion.

7: The Baroness of Warsaw married a highly decorated (RAF) pilot and group captain. What is her name?

Continuing on along the A1092 we’ll dive off to the right down Pentlow Lane crossing the river at what used to be a very pretty view of Pentlow Hall but now obscured by trees!  However look at the St George & St Gregory church pictures to view. This church is unusual in that it has a round tower of which there are only 6 in Essex! This is even more exclusive as it has an apse (or rounded East end) with a domed roof! However I digress as we are continuing along the lane till it changes to The St(!) till we meet the next village. Here a wealthy vicar opened a brewery! We are pausing to view this beautiful church of St Peters & St Paul both inside & out. The internal decorations are quite stunning! However no questions here as we continue along School Lane to Borley Road to cross the river again back to Suffolk and turn left at Rodbridge Corner (site of the Nethergate Brewery, previously at Pentlow but started in Nethgate Street Clare! We will pass through the favourite Lovejoy haunt of Long Melford . Along St Mary’s and Hall Street passing endless antique shops, Tearooms and Pubs! You have just transversed  the longest village High Street in England!

Through the main street we cross a tributary of the Stour, the Chad Brook and pass Melford Hall on the right currently owned by the National Trust.

8: Long Melford dates back to the Mesolithic period – when was that?  

9: Which band leader visited here with his band and played in 1944

From here we can spy the church because it is very imposing; one of the great wool churches & widely acknowledged to be one of the most magnificent parish churches in the country. The stained glass is 15th C and from the Norfolk School.

10: Which chapel contains the tombs of the prominent wool merchants?  

11: To get to the church grounds we passed a very large building on the right, who built it?

Continuing heading north on the A1092 for a short distance, there is a rather large hall to the left

12: Which BBC documentary was filmed here in 2004?

13: When did the current owners buy the property?

From here we will continue northwards till we meet the A134 and turn right till we meet the A131 towards the market town of Sudbury.

14: Which famous artist was born here and which school did he attend –(my old school!)?

Gainsborough's House National Appeal Committee was formed in 1956 to create a museum, it’s Vice President sold his own painting for £1500 to encourage others to donate-

15: What was the name of the subject of the painting?

16: Weaving has been a big employer in Sudbury, after the wool trade what material is mainly used?

17: Can you name 2 current companies weaving this product of the 4?

Use Google maps to find this info – (Google does note timetables are not up to date!!)

18: If I left Sudbury railway station by public transport at 2:00pm on a Wednesday to go to Liverpool Street station, what is the fastest route time (with no options selected other than Best Route)?

Carry out same route as above but using Internet search

19: What is the difference in route time?

20: Rosette, Edwardian Lady or John Constable and Francis J! If you took a scheduled trip where would you lunch?